Bald Eagle Stamp Program


Audubon Center for Birds of Prey, Maitland, Florida is an urban environmental nature center that specializes in the rescue, medical care, rehabilitation and release of sick, injured and orphaned raptors.  More than 40 percent of over 700 annual patients are returned to the wild. Some 20 different species of raptors, which cannot be returned to the wild due to injuries, are used in our conservation education programs. Audubon Center for Birds of Prey is a non-profit organization and relies on visitor admissions, donations and adoptions to support its work.

Over twenty years ago, the arrival of an injured Red-tailed Hawk at the Audubon Society state headquarters, then in Maitland, marked the beginning of an ambitious effort to preserve birds of prey that has changed Florida’s skies forever!

The dream began with Doris Mager, the ‘Eagle Lady’ who sought funding for a place where injured hawks, eagles, owls and others could receive prompt professional care and children could also learn about them and ways to protect their environment. Funds were received in memory of Madalyn Baldwin, who loved raptors, and the dream became a reality.

Over the years, CCBC member Bessie Tirrell faithfully collected our stamps and postcards which are mailed to Maitland, Florida, and sold at auctions to collectors and manufacturers of stamp kits. With the proceeds, the Center is able to purchase extra supplies and treats for the birds in its care.

The following items are the most useful to the program. (Both canceled and uncanceled items are accepted.) Unused postcards of any type, any foreign stamps, any size commemoratives, airmail or special handling stamps, stamps affixed to envelopes but not canceled, S&H green stamps or other trading stamps, any small-size stamps except the current single-letter rate. Only undamaged stamps can be sold. No metered stamps or stamps with heavily smeared cancels.

Member Julie O’Neil has taken over from Bessie, and you may contact Julie O’Neil at to find out how to get the stamps to her.