Owl Reporter


To help locate owls for the state’s Breeding Bird Atlas, Mass Audubon’s website has a new “Owl Reporter.” http://www.massaudubon.org/owls/

Help Us Find Massachusetts’ Owls

Join our state-wide effort to document owl populations in Massachusetts!

Owls are everywhere. Some species can be found in dense forests or small wood lots. Others may prefer swamps, or open marshes, grasslands, or even residential neighborhoods.
Do you have owls in your neighborhood? It is very possible, but because they are nocturnal they often go unnoticed. Usually the best indication that there is an owl in the area is its call.
Have you heard or seen an owl but need some assistance identifying it? We have provided photos and recordings of the seven species of owls that nest in Massachusetts.
Once you have identified your owl, please use our Owl Reporter to plot the location and date of the sighting. http://www.massaudubon.org/owls/report/sign_in.php
As always, please take care not to disturb any owl you find.
Your owl location information will be included as a valuable subset of a larger database for Mass Audubon’s five-year, statewide Breeding Bird Atlas project, a volunteer-based effort designed to map the distribution of all the breeding birds in the Commonwealth.