Birding By Computer

Can’t get out to go birding?  Do it online!  Enjoy learning more about your favorite birds, ones you saw on your last trip, or find out about the habits of species you would like to see.  Members of the Cape Cod Bird Club have a special opportunity (and a discounted amount) to subscribe to “The Birds of North America Online.”  The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and The American Ornithologists’ Union have teamed up to provide a great website that is up-to-date and interactive. Subscribers can see images and video that vividly presents plumage details, behaviors, habitats, nests and eggs, recordings of each bird’s songs and calls, and much more.  You can find in-depth information on more than 700 species.  Check out a demo at


If you would like to subscribe, send a check for $25.00 made out to Cape Cod Bird Club along with the BNA Subscription Form.  By email, you will receive a code number that will give you a one year subscription to the website.  Happy birding!