Club History

The first meeting of what we now know as The Cape Cod Bird Club was called on November 20, 1971 by Mrs. Lucien Rowell and Mrs. Herbert Whitlock for the purpose of forming a bird club. Twenty-two people assembled at 10 a.m. at the Cape Cod Bank & Trust , in Orleans. Mrs. Rowell presided, assisted by Mrs. Whitlock; Mrs. H. Whitman Newell acted as Secretary-Treasurer. Those present agreed that monthly meetings (on the first Monday of each month if a meeting place could be found) and two field trips a month would be an excellent way to begin. Mr. Richard Cunningham agreed to lead the first field trip on Saturday morning, Dec. 11th.

The following were appointed to assist him as a Field Trip Committee:

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Bartlett, Mr. Robert F. Pease, Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Bailey, and Mr. Lester Walsh. It was agreed to name the new organization the Cape Cod Bird Club.

Annual dues were set: $3 for individual memberships, $5 for a family and 50 cents for students. Everyone was pleased with this first meeting and it was decided that, at the end of three months, there would be a formal election of officers and by-laws would be considered.

The club has been holding meetings since 1971, and to see a list of past programs and speakers, go to the meetings page and click on the link for List of Past Programs and Speakers.

List of Past Presidents.